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Thursday, June 19, 2014

IFTA 101: Compliance & Enforcement

IFTA Compliance & EnforcementAs discussed in our previous blog - IFTA 101: How IFTA Works - you got a general idea of the how the IFTA process is completed. In this blog we are going to go over your general compliance requirements and how IFTA Enforcement is conducted.

IFTA Compliance
To be compliant with IFTA regulations you will need keep you IFTA account in good standing. To do this you will need to stay current with your Quarterly IFTA filings, and renew your IFTA license annually. The renewal deadline is December 31st. The next filing deadline is for 2nd Quarter IFTA on July 31st. The 2nd Quarter is for reporting fuel & miles for the months of April-June.

IFTA Enforcement
To enforce IFTA Compliance, state jurisdictions will exchange quarterly listings of new and cancelled accounts. About every 10 days jurisdictions will exchange:

  • Listing of suspended licenses
  • Listing of revoked licenses
  • Listing of reinstated licenses
The administrative uses of this information ensure that a carrier with a revoked license in one jurisdiction does not receive a license from another one. This information is also available for roadside use to ensure that a carrier in a revoked, suspended, or cancelled status is not continuing operations. When you receive your IFTA license, you want to make sure and keep a copy in your cab. Also, you are issued 2 decals that must be displayed on each side (driver & passenger) of your vehicle. 

You can get an IFTA Temporary Decal Permit if you need your 'qualified motor vehicle' IFTA Compliant immediately. You would just place a copy of the license in the vehicle and your jurisdiction will fax a temporary permit until your permanent decals can be sent. This permit is valid for 30 days and is vehicle specific. 

Why Enforce? 
According to the terms of IFTA, if a carrier is operating on a suspended or revoked license, they are considered non-compliant. This includes failure to file tax returns, failure to pay a tax return, and failure to pay an audit assessment. If a carrier is operating on a cancelled license, the carrier has indicated to the jurisdiction that he or she is no longer operating.

So to sum everything up, if you stay on top of your filing quarters, annual license renewal, and mileage/fuel documentation you will be Compliant with IFTA. 

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